How do I apply?

  • Application can be made by filling up our Letter of Appointment Form which can be obtained via email. Kindly contact our hotline at 1700-81-5505 or email to realestate.mk@henrybutcher.com.my.


How much is the service fee?

  • 10% of the rental or RM500 per month per unit/property, whichever is higher.


How will you find tenants, and how long will it take?

  • We have a broad range of tenant portfolio since we are working closely with foreign companies and embassies. Besides that, we also install signage to attract potential tenants.

  • The above process will take about two weeks to one month depending on the condition of the market and your unit as well as the desired deal.


Can I say who I want as tenants?

  • Yes. You can inform us your requirement in advance.


What are the criteria of a good tenant?

  • A good tenant is the one with a decent background, prompt in rental payment and maintaining the property. Some of the ideal tenants include corporate tenant, working adult or families.


How do Property Inspections work?

  • Inspections are done on quarterly basis to make sure the unit is taken care of. Besides that, inspection will also be conducted upon any complaint reported subject to the tenancy agreement.


Are repairs / inspections important on my property?

  • Definitely. A well manage property will not only attract good tenant but also increase the value of your property.

  • We will first, conduct an inspection upon any complaint reported to us. Then, we will obtain the necessary quotation and we will forward it to you for approval before we proceed with the necessary repair works.


Who pays for repairs on my property?

  • Depends on the cause of damage. Normally, the tenant will need to pay on any repair caused by general wear and tear while the repair caused by non-wear and tear shall be borne by the owner.


What happens if a tenant causes damage?

  • In this case, the tenant will bear the cost of repair in which the method will be subjected to the tenancy agreement.


How often will I hear from my property manager?

  • We will be available upon request to conduct discussion or when we seek for approval from the owner.


How am I paid?

  • All rental payment will be credited to HB client account in which we will deduct whatever balance outstanding and forward the remaining balance to you.


How is the rental collected?

  • All rental payment will be credited to HB client account in which we will deduct whatever balance outstanding before the final sum is dispersed back to the owner  which takes about 2 weeks upon received of rental.


Why should I choose your company instead of another?

  • We are certified Property Manager under Board of Valuer, experienced and deeply knowledgeable in residential property market.   


What Are The Benefits of Using a Property Management Company?

  • Hassle-free, time-zone management, peace of mind, communication easier / no language barrier.